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Wild Foraged in the Ozarks

August 11, 2021by admin0

“Give a man a fish dinner, you feed him for a day. Teach the man to fish forage, you feed him for a lifetime.”


We are just around the corner from Wild Foraged Pairing Dinner, and we are unbelievably excited for this full sensory experience at The Cellar! It’s more than just a deliciously crafted dinner. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about foraging, and maybe even gain a skill or two out of it. Our host, Rachael West with Eating the Ozarks will be preparing the locally sourced artisan meals, and demonstrating the craft of wild foraging.


Rachael is with Eating in the Ozarks, a traveling classroom dedicated to connecting our community with the wild foods in our forest and fields. Some of the things Rachael teaches include identifying useful plants, cooking with wild edibles, preserving foods, and so much more about how to create wild infused meals and become an expert forager!


Eating in the Ozarks and The Cellar are partnering with local farmers and artisans to make the night really fresh! Our featured partners are Urban Roots Farm, Circle B Ranch, Springfield Brewing Company, The Artisan’s Oven, and Ty Iechyd Da craft spirits.


Wild Foraged Pairing Dinner will be on Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 6pm at SBC’s The Cellar. Get your tickets here!




About Urban Roots Farm

Urban Roots Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown four season urban vegetable farm located in downtown Springfield Missouri. Owners Adam and Melissa Millsap have worked this 1.7 acre farm since 2010 growing vegetables year round using natural and sustainable techniques.



About Circle B Ranch

Circle B Ranch/Marina’s Kitchen was started in 2009 when John & Marina moved from NJ to the beautiful Ozarks. They believe that an animal’s welfare is vital to the taste and appearance of the meat. They also believe that only the finest ingredients will make the best sauces and mixes. Their mission is to sell the highest quality pork and shelf stable products.



About Springfield Brewing Company

Springfield Brewing Company (known by many simply as the “BrewCo” or “SBC”) has been in the business of brewing world class beers since 1997.  SBC is a 100% locally-owned, and strive to provide the entire 417 area a truly unique experience that isn’t replicated anywhere else. They offer craft beers and food at their restaurant BrewCo, but now, the SBC Campus includes onsite distillery (Ty Iechyd Da) and live music venue (SBC’s The Cellar).



About Ty Iechyd Da Craft Spirits

Ty Iechyd Da is Springfield’s only spirits house and bottle shop. Their vision is to create and produce the best innovative and distinct spirits we for the Ozarks. Their distillery is based in their experience as a brewery has given them the ability to expand our boundaries and break traditional molds in the craft spirits world.



About The Artisan’s Oven

The Artisan’s Oven is a local eatery located on historic Commercial Street in Springfield, MO. They create fresh breads, baked goods, and an oven-fresh homemade menu. They offer breakfast, lunch, and provides premium breads for both retail and wholesale.




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