Bring Your Ska Punk Mother

The Cellar 507 W Walnut St, Springfield, MO

Grab your mom, get your studded belt on, shape up your side burns, chug a pepsi, and get ready for Bring Your Ska Punk Mother's Day at The Cellar 5/8/2022! \m/ Join great lineup of power punchin' bands and talent: -Hans Gruber and the Die Hards -Zootsoup -The Burdocks -The Affiliates -Averill Cates P.S. Skank...

$ 5

Madaline, Snobby Ostrich, & The Affiliates

The Cellar 507 W Walnut St, Springfield, MO

Get ready for a ska'killa time with Madaline as they stop at SBC's The Cellar on their 2022 summer tour! Join us Thursday, July 7th for a studded belt wearing, Pepsi drinkin', sublimely good time. They will be joined by 417 local bands Snobby Ostrich and The Affiliates! Doors open at 5p. Show starts at...